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ATT UPE series particles are Active Technology Treated Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). The unique surface treatment of ATT UPE results in superior dispersion and adhesion in polar polymeric systems.


1.      Excellent dispersion in polar system e.g. PU, synthetic rubber, epoxy resin, nylon, etc.

2.      Excellent abrasion resistance, improved tearing strength, reduced friction index,enhanced corrosion resistance.

3.      Excellent bonding strength with elastomer comparing with other inorganic additives.

4.      Enhanced self-lubricating property.


1.      Widely used in PU, syntheticrubber, epoxy resin, nylon, etc.

2.       Suitable for wear environments including mining, oil field, conveyance rollers, high performance compositesand transportation.

3.       Anti-wear, slip & low friction coatings